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Foundation Stone of The Professor
K.A. NIZAMI CENTER FOR QURANIC STUDIES was laid by H.E.PEHIN HAJI ABDUL AZIZ UMAR, Minister of Education, Brunei On 21st July 1999 At Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (INDIA)

The K.A Nizami
Centre for Qur'anic Studies at the
Aligarh Muslim University


Aligarh Muslim University is one of the most famous universities in India and was the first Muslim University to be established in; the sub-continent. It has a distinguished record of scholarship and has made a major contribution to the advancement of Muslims in South Asia. A number of heads of state studied at the University. Aligarh Muslim University has recently decided to establish a Center for Qur'anic Studies named after the late Professor K.A. Nizami. Professor Nizami (1925-1997) was associated with the Aligarh Muslim University for nearly half a century. He joined the University in 1947 and held the offices of Professor and Chairman of the Department of History; Provost of Sir Syed Hall; Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Pro-Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. He was a prolific Scholar who wrote over fifty books covering various aspects of Indo-Muslim history. He was Amongst the first to activate an academic interest in the study of the ulama and mashaikh of India.


A Center for Qur'anic Studies named after Professor K.A. Nizami will be constructed on a site Adjacent to the Sir Syed Academy on the university campus.
  • It will cater to the needs of the university students interested in different areas of Qur'anic studies.
  • It will provide an institutional link with other centers of Islamic learning in India.
  • It will also facilitate international co-operation with both individuals and institutions who share the Center's primary interest.